Binance Coin (BNB)

What is Binance Coin?
Binance Coin is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that’s used on the Binance crypto exchange platform. The token has been developed and introduced by a team with Changpeng Zhao in head. Before working with Binance, he was involved in the development of and co-founded Bijie Tech and OKCoin.
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Binance Coin
Binance Coin is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that’s used on the Binance crypto exchange platform. The token has been developed and introduced by a team with Changpeng Zhao in head. Before working with Binance, he was involved in the development of and co-founded Bijie Tech and OKCoin.
What are the advantages of Binance Coin?
High liquidity
High liquidity
BNB token is traded in pairs with 400+ cryptocurrencies. Since Binance partners with a large amount of Asian-based cryptocurrencies, it has a serious advantage over Western exchanges
The offer is gradually decreased which means scarcity can make the asset more expensive. Burning of BNB coin may positively influence its cost in the mid- and long-term
Binance exchange is capable of processing up to 1.4 mln transactions per second, which means you can trade BNB instantly without overpaying. It applies to all the cryptocurrencies supported by the platform
Low fees
Low fees
Binance features minimal commission fees and discounts for traders. The discount percent from 50% to 6% will be applicable during 4 years for BNB holders
Being one of the world’s most popular assets, Binance Coin can be used to make online payments. In 2018, over 150 trading platforms accepted BNB token payments, and their number is growing steadily
BNB has already proved to be a highly perspective asset, and its price can grow further in the following years. General BNB price predictions are optimistic
Binance Coin (BNB) Wallets
Binance Coin Price (USD), 24h % Price and Volume
Binance Coin Price
$ 27.75
24 Hours Price
+ 2.39 %
24 Hours Volume
24 Hours Volume
$ 278 670 894

How to buy Binance Coin?

The creators of Binance coin cryptocurrency plan to extend its functionality further and introduce the features of Ethereum (smart contracts, anonymous exchange, the establishment of a fully decentralized exchange for BNB coin trading). Binance DEX will support hardware and desktop wallets and offer the in-built online wallet.

Although Binance coin fully complies with cryptocurrency industry standards and is a typical ERC-20 token, it’s totally devoid of anonymity – this is probably the main flaw in its blockchain. Binance imposes the following limitations:

  • Users need to submit their email to access some basic functions and withdraw up to 2 BNB daily
  • To access the extended list of features, traders need to verify their mobile phone number (it can be a Chinese number only) and a photograph. It allows withdrawing up to 100 BNB token per day
  • To get access to all the available functions and totally remove withdrawal limits, users are required to undergo an individual video interview with the Binance customer support team

Both Binance and Binance Coin have a well-established reputation, which attracts serious investors. The coin’s popularity is growing since the asset has already proved its viability and profitability. Recently introduced projects (Binance Chain and Binance Launchpad) raised the trust to the token.

Today, the daily trading volume on Binance exchange reaches $1bln, and the turnover continues growing together with Binance coin cost. Thus, it is a highly-recommended long-term investment and a nice solution for day trading.

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Price predictions of BNB

Want to discover Binance coin price predictions? Don’t forget to check our blog: we provide a lot of useful information regarding BNB price forecasts and experts’ opinions.

Generally, BNB price predictions are optimistic. The vast majority of crypto prediction websites mention the raise of BNB cost by 40-60%. For example:

  • According to WalletInvestor, Binance coin cost should reach $26 in 2020. It means the coin will rise by almost 60%. By 2025, its price should reach $120.
  • TradingBeasts claims BNB should grow up to $19.55 during the following months, and reach $27.45 by 2022.
  • DigitalCoinPrice’s forecast for 2020 is $30.7, which means the coin should double its value. It will be followed by a not very bullish period when BNB will be worth $50.9 by 2025.

All in all, BNB cryptocurrency has all chances to rise by 50-70% during 2020 because Binance continues expanding. Until recently, it has been a purely Asian platform. Today, it has customers from all over the world. Besides, Binance US platform has been launched separately – it’s available for all US residents except for New York.

Being the world’s Top-10 cryptocurrency, BNB is a smart investment in both short and long haul. Consider adding it your crypto portfolio – it will be an easy task with Robopay!
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