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What is Bitcoin?
The pioneer of the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin (BTC) is widely used in crypto trading, online payments and short- and long-term investments. Discover the advantages of BTC and find out how to buy or exchange Bitcoin easily.
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The pioneer of the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin (BTC) is widely used in crypto trading, online payments and short- and long-term investments. Discover the advantages of BTC and find out how to buy or exchange Bitcoin easily.
What are the advantages of Bitcoin?
It allows for anonymous online transactions that cannot be tracked, reversed or limited. The name and address of the sender and receiver are not publicly open. No geographical and sum limits apply!
This is a great instrument for trading and crypto-arbitrage on any cryptocurrency exchange. It can be used to make a significant profit in both the short and long term due to regular Bitcoin price fluctuations
It can be easily exchanged for fiat (USD, EUR, GBP, etc) and other cryptocurrencies: there is a large variety of exchanges, brokers and live dealers available in the Net. The digital currency is pretty liquid and can be sent anywhere anytime
This is one of the rare crypto assets that can be used to make payments: the number of virtual and brick-and-mortar vendors accepting BTC is growing – it’s becoming a new trend
Transaction speed is higher than in some payment systems: most often, the asset is sent to another wallet in a few seconds
Bitcoin is traded in pair with the vast majority of existing cryptocurrencies: you can use BTC to acquire any other crypto asset
Bitcoin (BTC) Wallets
Bitcoin Price (USD), 24h % Price and Volume
Bitcoin Price
$ 9 662.35
24 Hours Price
+ 0.43 %
24 Hours Volume
24 Hours Volume
$ 18 931 133 377

How to buy Bitcoin?

Being introduced in 2009, Bitcoin is a digital currency that exists in the decentralized system called blockchain. It means that the information about the asset and transactions is distributed over multiple nodes (computers) and cannot be deleted or faked.

Today, almost any person involved in cryptocurrency trading and investment has some BTC in his portfolio. Why has Bitcoin deserved the title of “The cryptocurrency king”?

Millions of people aware of Bitcoin benefits are using the cryptocurrency for trade, asset storage, investments, and daily payments.  However, buying crypto assets on exchanges is a time-consuming task: you have to search for suitable orders or place a new one and wait until someone accepts it. That’s not an agreeable option when you need fast exchange without risks.

We take a step further and provide exceptional convenience coupled with striking speed and safety of transactions.

Robopay is a versatile converter that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies, sell and buy Bitcoin (BTC) right now. We strive to make cryptocurrency available by providing comprehensive services and tools. Our platform allows you to perform Bitcoin purchase instantly with minimal commissions.

Robopay provides all essential tools for trading:
  • Instant converter. It enables fast crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions with a low fee.
  • Charts & statistics. Keep tabs on Bitcoin– access the information in a couple of clicks.
  • Bitcoin wallet. Regardless of what you need – store BTC or trade it – you can keep your assets in Robopay and be sure about their safety.
  • 24/7 customer support. Contact our assistants via Telegram or email.
  • Bonus program. Loyal customers can get extra profit by inviting their friends.

To get more information, read our articles on BTC: price predictions, the current value, useful charts, the best wallets, how it works, and platforms where it’s used.
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