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Exchange rate
1 BTC = 101216.88402269 XLM
Deposit max
0.31523096 BTC
Deposit min
0.00050000 BTC
Exchange fee
0.12653111 XLM
Destination address
Address for the wallet in which Stellar will be deposited
Refund address
Address for the wallet in Bitcoin will be deposited in case of unsuccessful conversion

BTC to XLM Converter

Stellar Lumens is one of the best cryptocurrencies for fast and anonymous payments, and BTC to XLM exchange is highly demanded among crypto traders. If you need a convenient and comprehensive solution for BTC to XLM swapping, consider using Robopay cryptocurrency exchange platform: it ensures strikingly fast transaction speed and agreeable fees. 

Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Stellar (XLM)

Robopay is a perfect option for fast & cheap BTC to XLM exchange. First, it performs transactions instantly – you don’t have to register on third-party exchanges and wait for order execution to convert BTC to XLM. Secondly, there are no strict limits and requirements to users: we eliminate unnecessary steps from the process of exchange. Thirdly, Robopay BTC to XLM converter keeps transaction commissions low. 

The process of BTC to XLM swapping takes only four simple steps:

  1. Register on Robopay exchange using your email. Bitcoin and Stellar Lumens cryptowallets will be created automatically. 
  2. Add Bitcoin to your account. You can either send it from a third-party BTC wallet or buy some using your credit card. Robopay accepts USD, EUR, and GBP. 
  3. Proceed to the BTC to XLM converter. Specify the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell. The sum of XLM you get will be calculated automatically together with the fees. 
  4. If everything is okay, confirm the transaction. XLM will be sent to your wallet instantly and automatically. 
Robopay makes crypto exchange simple and fast while keeping fees agreeable. Crypto trading becomes available for both beginners and advanced traders. Besides, we guarantee the total safety of cryptocurrency wallets thanks to modern encryption methods and superb server protection.

BTC to XLM Price Details

As of today, BTC to XLM exchange rate is 101216.884023 XLM. However, the price of cryptocurrencies keeps changing throughout the day like exchange ratio. Use Robopay trading tools to check cryptocurrency prices, read our price predictions, blog posts, and related news to make informed decisions and reap maximum profit from trading. 

Bitcoin (BTC) to Stellar (XLM) transaction fees

When you perform BTC to XLM exchange, Robopay charges the fee that varies around 0.25%. The amount of fee depends on the sum of the transaction sum and the status of the user’s account. If you want to reduce the BTC to XLM swapping limits and fees, you need to pass the KYC procedure. It will take from a few hours to a few days depending on the number of requests in process.

Robopay strives to make cryptocurrency trading simple and comprehensive for everyone. We provide a wide range of trading tools and safe crypto wallets while keeping transaction speed high and commissions – low. This is an ultimate solution for instant & safe crypto exchanges.