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Exchange rate
1 BTC = 135.22021868 XMR
Deposit max
1.08472164 BTC
Deposit min
0.00050000 BTC
Exchange fee
0.02016903 XMR
Destination address
Address for the wallet in which Monero will be deposited
Refund address
Address for the wallet in Bitcoin will be deposited in case of unsuccessful conversion

BTC to XMR converter

If you want to add Monero to your portfolio, the easiest way to do it is to sell your Bitcoin. Wonder how to do it quickly and flawlessly? Robopay allows for convenient and fast Bitcoin to Monero conversion. We provide agreeable exchange rates, decent customer support, all essential trading tools, and safe crypto wallets. Changing BTC to XMR has never been so simple. 

Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Monero (XMR)

If you want to convert BTC to XMR, you have found a perfect trading instrument. Robopay makes the process easy and fast, not mentioning that it’s absolutely safe. The process of BTC to XMR exchange takes only four steps:

  1. Register on the Robopay platform (BTC and XMR wallets will be generated automatically).
  2. Add Bitcoin to your account. You can either send it from another cryptocurrency wallet or buy BTC instantly using your credit card. Robopay accepts three fiat currencies: USD, EUR, and GBP.
  3. Proceed to the exchange tool. Specify the amount of Monero you need. The required Litecoin sum and BTC to XMR exchange rates will be calculated automatically.
  4. Make the payment and receive Monero on your wallet immediately.
Buying XMR has never been so simple: Robopay makes cryptocurrency conversion fast and comprehensive as never before. Alternatively, you can purchase Monero for fiat using your bank card – it works exactly the same way. 

BTC to XMR Price Details

Today, Bitcoin to Monero price ratio is 135.220219 XMR. But the cost of both fluctuates daily, so we recommend keeping track of cryptocurrency price in real time using Robopay trading tools and our blog – we will update BTC to XMR price information regularly. Our team keeps track of prices and related events to help you make the right trading decisions.

Why exchange BTC to XMR?

Even though Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization, there are many reasons to convert Bitcoin to Monero:

  • Being a highly decentralized cryptocurrency, Monero allows for international payments without limits. This currency is not regulated by any government or bank, so you are free to send your Monero coins anywhere anytime.
  • One of the main reasons for BTC to XMR exchange is the fact that Monero transactions are totally anonymous: the information about receiver and sender, or the sum involved, won’t be revealed.
  • Monero is suitable for both long-term investments and daily trading. You can use it for cryptocurrency arbitrage and makes profit every day or store it and wait for a few years when the price gets higher – there are all chances for that. 
No matter what is the reason for Bitcoin to Monero exchange, you can easily do it thanks to the Robopay converter.

Bitcoin (BTC) - Monero (XMR) transaction fees

Note that Robopay BTC to XMR converter will charge you about 0.25% transaction fee. The amount of commission depends on the user’s status and the sum involved. When you select the sums for BTC to XMR swapping, the commission will be calculated instantly and automatically. No additional and hidden charges apply!  You can find more information about our fee policy in the FAQ section. Also, do not forget to check BTC to XMR price to perform the transaction with minimal losses.

If you want to reduce Bitcoin to Monero exchange fees, you should verify your personality to improve your account and get access to additional services. KYC procedure takes a few hours or days. 

Robopay makes cryptocurrency exchange procedure fast and easy as never before. All you need is to register and verify your account – let us do the rest. Enjoy flawless and efficient crypto-trading with maximum profits!