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Exchange rate
1 ETH = 0.02597700 BTC
Deposit max
41.74058228 ETH
Deposit min
0.01924780 ETH
Exchange fee
0.00010125 BTC
Destination address
Address for the wallet in which Bitcoin will be deposited
Refund address
Address for the wallet in Ethereum will be deposited in case of unsuccessful conversion

ETH to BTC converter

One of the most highly demanded crypto exchange pairs, Ethereum to Bitcoin direction is supported by all existing exchange platforms, including Robopay. We support both cryptocurrencies, offer wallets, and agreeable ETH BTC transaction fees.

Exchange Ethereum (ETH) to Bitcoin (BTC)

If you need to convert Ethereum to Bitcoin, consider using Robopay converter. This is a simple and comprehensive tool for instant crypto-to-crypto conversion. The platform boasts an intuitive interface, easy navigation, instant exchange, and agreeable rates.

Robopay allows you to exchange Ethereum to Bitcoin within a few seconds. It takes only four steps:

  1. Register on Robopay platform.
  2. Transfer ETH to your crypto wallet.
  3. Specify the amount of BTC you need.
  4. Once the fees and the final amount of BTC are defined, you can convert ETH BTC and get Bitcoin transferred on your wallet instantly. 
This is it! Robopay makes Ethereum Bitcoin conversion simple as that. You don’t have to place orders on third-party exchanges and wait for order execution. 

ETH BTC Exchange Benefits

Although Ethereum is a pretty valuable and technical crypto asset, there is a number of reasons why you should consider ETH BTC exchange. 

Bitcoin is a well-developed blockchain with an exceptional safety level. Your BTC funds are always safe and secure.

Bitcoin serves as a means of payment in the Net: it’s already accepted by a large number of online vendors and is being actively introduced in daily life.

Besides, users convert Ethereum to Bitcoin for long-term storage. Bitcoin is a very perspective asset for long-term cryptocurrency storage since it can grow exponentially in the long run and bring significant profits.

BTC is a valuable asset for daily crypto trading and crypto arbitrage. This is the most widely used and commonly acceptable intermediary cryptocurrency. 

It goes without mentioning the low transaction fees since Bitcoin blockchain works without governments, banks, or any institutions. Indeed, it has been number one cryptocurrency and continues holding this position, so many experts predict a serious growth in price in a few years.

Ethereum (ETH) - Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees

When you convert ETH to Bitcoin via Robopay, you should mind that there is about 0.25% transaction fee. It depends on the user’s status and the sum involved. When you select the sums for ETH BTC exchange, the commission will be calculated instantly and automatically. No additional and hidden charges apply!  You can find more information about our fee policy in the FAQ section. 

If you want to reduce ETH BTC exchange fees, you should verify your personality to improve your account and get access to additional services. KYC procedure takes a few hours or days. 

Robopay makes Ethereum to Bitcoin exchange procedure fast and easy as never before. All you need is to register and verify your account – let us do the rest. Our simple and fast instrument makes crypto trading comprehensive and flawless as never before.