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Exchange rate
1 LTC = 0.18110000 ETH
Deposit max
230.78698361 LTC
Deposit min
0.02208724 LTC
Exchange fee
0.00201000 ETH
Destination address
Address for the wallet in which Ethereum will be deposited
Refund address
Address for the wallet in Litecoin will be deposited in case of unsuccessful conversion

LTC to ETH converter

Since both LTC and ETH are in the top-5 world’s biggest cryptocurrencies, it’s not a surprise that LTC to ETH pair is so highly popular on crypto exchanges. However, it might take some time to convert LTC to ETH because makers have to wait until another user (taker) accepts the order. Need instant LTC to ETH exchange? Robopay crypto converter is a highly useful tool: it boasts a fast exchange procedure, minimal commissions, and an intuitive interface. This platform is highly convenient for both newbies and advanced crypto-traders.

Exchange Litecoin (LTC) to Ethereum (ETH)

With Robopay online service at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about exchange speed and rates anymore. You have found a perfect crypto trading instrument! The process of LTC to ETH swapping requires a few simple steps:

  1. Register on the Robopay platform (ETH and LTC wallets will be generated automatically).
  2. Add Litecoin to your account. You can either send it from another cryptocurrency wallet or buy LTC instantly using your credit card. Robopay accepts USD, EUR, and GBP.
  3. Proceed to the exchange tool. Specify the amount of Ether you need. The required Litecoin sum and LTC to ETH exchange rates will be calculated automatically.
  4. Make the payment and receive Ethereum on your wallet immediately.
That’s it! The entire process will take a few minutes only. Robopay makes cryptocurrency conversion fast and comprehensive as never before.

LTC to ETH price details

As of today, the LTC to ETH rate is 0.1811 ETH. However, the prices of both fluctuate daily, so we recommend keeping track of cryptocurrency price in real time using Robopay trading tools and our blog. We keep updating the data regularly to help you make the right trading decisions.

Why exchange LTC to ETH?

Even though Litecoin is a very promising and reliable crypto asset, there might be a few reasons for Litecoin to Ethereum exchange:

  1. Being the world’s second cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum is an excellent long-term investment. The coin might grow in price exponentially in the following years and bring holders considerable profits.
  2. At the same time, Ethereum is suitable for daily trading and crypto-arbitrage. Due to the regular price changes, it can be used to make good profits in the short term.
  3. Ethereum blockchain allows for the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications. This is one of the most technologically advanced blockchains on the market, and its popularity is only expected to grow.
Having ETH in your crypto portfolio will never hurt - this is why many crypto traders convert Litecoin to Ethereum.

Litecoin (LTC) - Ethereum (ETH) transaction fees

The LTC to ETH exchange rate on Robopay is about 0.25% depending on the transaction sum and the status of the user’s account. The transaction fee will be calculated automatically when you specify the required Ethereum amount.

If you want to reduce Litecoin to Ethereum exchange fee, you need to upgrade your account status by passing the KYC procedure. It will take from a few hours to a few days.