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Tether (ERC20)
Exchange rate
1 USDT20 = 0.00010843 BTC
Deposit max
10000.00000000 USDT20
Deposit min
8.00000000 USDT20
Exchange fee
0.00010217 BTC
Destination address
Address for the wallet in which Bitcoin will be deposited
Refund address
Address for the wallet in Tether (ERC20) will be deposited in case of unsuccessful conversion

USDT to BTC Converter

Tether is one of the most commonly used cryptocurrencies, and is often exploited for quick and simple crypto exchange on the vast majority of platforms. If you need to perform Tether Bitcoin transaction, consider using Robopay converter - this is a comprehensive solution for crypto trading.

Exchange Tether (USDT) to Bitcoin (BTC)

Robopay online cryptocurrency exchange puts focus on convenience and speed of conversion. Our platform provides all essential tools and convenient conditions for fast and simple USDT to BTC exchange and simplifies the process making it easily available for starters.

With Robopay, the process of Tether Bitcoin exchange takes only four quick steps:

  1. Register on the Robopay website. You need to submit your email and name only. Later on, personality verification will be required if you want to increase the USDT to BTC exchange limits.
  2. Your Tether Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallets will be generated automatically – there is no need to create them.
  3. Add Tether to your account. You can either transfer it from another third-party USDT wallet, or buy it with fiat using your credit card. Robopay accepts USD, EUR, and GBP payments.
  4. Specify the amount of Bitcoin required. Tether Bitcoin exchange fee will be calculated automatically once you specify the amount of coins you need.
Proceed to complete the USDT to BTC exchange – it will take a few seconds only. BTC will be transferred to your wallet immediately. 

Robopay makes Tether Bitcoin transaction comprehensive and quick even for newbies. Users don’t have to register on third-party exchanges, create orders and wait for their execution – we eliminate these unnecessary steps. Tether Bitcoin exchange will be performed once you specify the amount of cryptocurrency required – that’s it. Besides, the fees are calculated automatically: Robopay figures out the most beneficial rates.

Robopay guarantees an exceptional safety of your BTC assets. Our secured Tether Bitcoin wallets can be used for online storage and active trading. We leverage the best protection methods, such as encryption and strong servers to prevent frauds and hacking. 

USDT to BTC Price Details

As of today, Tether Bitcoin exchange rate is 0.000108 BTC. However, the prices of cryptocurrencies keep changing during the day, so you should keep tabs on this data to perform USDT to BTC exchange with maximum profit. By using Robopay online trading instruments, you can track Tether Bitcoin transaction rates in a couple of clicks. The data is being updated regularly. Also, you can track cryptocurrency rates and news in Robopay blog. This information will help you make informed trading decisions. 

Tether (USDT) to Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees

When you perform Tether Bitcoin exchange, Robopay’s transaction fee varies around 0.25%. That depends on the sum of transaction and the status of user’s account. The exchange rate will be calculated automatically once you enter the sum of Tether Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange required. You can eliminate the limits and restrictions by improving your account status. That can be done with the help of KYC (personality verification) procedure which takes from a few hours to a few days (depends on the number of requests in process).

Why exchange USDT to BTC?

Although Tether is a perspective and valuable crypto asset, there are many reasons why you might need to perform USDT to BTC transaction:

  • Bitcoin is a well-developed blockchain with an exceptional safety level. Your BTC funds are always safe and secure.
  • Bitcoin serves as a means of payment in the Net: it’s already accepted by a large number of online vendors and is being actively introduced in daily life. You can use BTC plastic cards and ATM machines, as well.
  • Besides, users convert cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin for long-term storage. Bitcoin is a very perspective asset for long-term cryptocurrency storage since it can grow exponentially in the long run and bring significant profits.
  • Bitcoin can be used for making anonymous online payments without geographical restrictions – it’s not controlled by any government or bank.
  • BTC is a valuable asset for daily crypto trading and crypto arbitrage. This is the most widely used and commonly acceptable intermediary cryptocurrency in the Internet.
No matter which reasons for USDT to BTC swap you have, Robopay is always here to help you perform the transaction quickly and safely! 

Robopay makes Tether Bitcoin exchange quick and simple as never before. We strive to make crypto trading available to everyone by providing minimal commissions, convenient online exchange tools, 24/7 customer support and safe crypto wallets. We support over 200 cryptocurrencies and keep adding new assets and tools.