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Exchange rate
1 XMR = 0.00789782 BTC
Deposit max
108.57598151 XMR
Deposit min
0.06330865 XMR
Exchange fee
0.00010125 BTC
Destination address
Address for the wallet in which Bitcoin will be deposited
Refund address
Address for the wallet in Monero will be deposited in case of unsuccessful conversion

XMR to BTC converter

Being among the most popular crypto assets, both Monero and Bitcoin are traded on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in pairs. If you want to swap XMR to BTC, use the Robopay online instant cryptocurrency converter. It provides agreeable exchange rates, fast transaction processing speed, and high-quality customer support, making crypto-trading smooth & flawless. 

Exchange Monero (XMR) to Bitcoin (BTC)

The process of XMR to BTC exchange becomes simple as never before with the Robopay cryptocurrency converter. Our service was made to revolutionize this sphere and simplify the task for both beginners and advanced traders. 

With Robopay, you can convert XMR to BTC in four fast steps:

  1. Register on the Robopay platform.
  2. Transfer Monero to your crypto wallet. You can purchase XMR with your bank card for fiat (USD, EUR, GBP) – it will appear in your wallet automatically.
  3. Specify the amount of Bitcoin you need.
  4. Once the fees and the final amount of BTC are defined, you can convert XMR to BTC and get BTC transferred on your wallet instantly. 
This is it! The entire process of exchange takes a few clicks. There is no need to register on third-party services and wait for the order execution. Robopay is an all-in-one solution: it allows storing your crypto assets right in the online wallets and performing instant Monero to Bitcoin exchange, and buy a cryptocurrency for fiat. 

Monero to Bitcoin Exchange Rates

As of today, XMR to BTC exchange rate is 0.007898 BTC. However, the prices are changing during the day, so we recommend checking them with the help of Robopay instruments. Don’t forget to visit our blog and use our tools. We update the information about Monero to Bitcoin exchange rates in real-time for you to make correct trading decisions. 

Why exchange XMR to BTC?

Although Monero is a perspective and valuable crypto asset, there are many reasons why you might need to perform XMR to BTC exchange:

  • Bitcoin is a well-developed blockchain with an exceptional safety level. Your BTC funds are always safe and secure.
  • Bitcoin serves as a means of payment in the Net: it’s already accepted by a large number of online vendors and is being actively introduced in daily life. You can use BTC plastic cards and ATM machines, as well.
  • Besides, users convert Monero to Bitcoin for long-term storage. Bitcoin is a very perspective asset for long-term cryptocurrency storage since it can grow exponentially in the long run and bring significant profits.
  • Bitcoin can be used for making anonymous online payments without geographical restrictions – it’s not controlled by any government or bank.
  • BTC is a valuable asset for daily crypto trading and crypto arbitrage. This is the most widely used and commonly acceptable intermediary cryptocurrency. 
No matter which reasons for XMR to BTC swap you have, Robopay is always here to help you perform the transaction quickly and safely! 

Monero (XMR) - Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees

Robopay exchange service charges about 0.25% transaction fee for XMR to BTC exchange – it depends on the sum of the transaction and user’s account status. The commission will be calculated automatically when you enter the amount of BTC required and proceed. If you want to reduce the XMR to BTC transaction fee, you need to upgrade your account by verifying your personality (passing KYC procedure). It will take from a few hours to a few days depending on the number of pending requests. 

Robopay eliminates the need to register on third-party exchanges and compare the exchange rates – it will analyze offers automatically. It saves your time and makes crypto trading easy as never before.