How It Works

The process of cryptocurrency exchange on Robopay is simpler than it seems. How does the service work?

  • Once a user registers on Robopay website, the cryptocurrency wallets in his account are generated automatically. The account is ready for trading, but some limits apply before a person verifies his personality (passes KYC procedure).
  • A user can buy or exchange cryptocurrency using Robopay online converter. Once a customer specifies the amount of required cryptocurrency, Robopay system searches for the corresponding trading pairs on the connected third-party exchanges.
  • When a suitable rate is found, the exchange process is performed immediately. Robopay executes the order without user’s participation.
  • A user does not have to register on third-party exchanges - Robopay will work with them directly.

That simplifies the task and makes cryptocurrency trading easy as never before.

Robopay system gets connected with the cryptocurrency exchanges and automatically defines the best exchange rates simplifying the task for you. It makes trading experience easy and flawless.