How It Works

Robopay is an online cryptocurrency converter that allows you to exchange and buy cryptocurrency with minimal fees and limits. The exchange process takes only a couple of minutes and is easy as never before.

Select the currency

Choose the cryptocurrency you need to receive and the coin you want to sell in the drop-down menu. In the ‘You Get’ section, the final amount of cryptocurrency will be automatically calculated and displayed.

Enter your wallet address

Type in your wallet address in the ‘Destination address’ section: use any of your personal wallets for it. It might be a Robopay or any third-party crypto wallet. Enter the ‘Refund address’ - it’ll be used if you claim a refund.

Deposit and waiting for confirmation

Deposit the cryptocurrency you will sell to your account. Robopay will automatically generate a crypto address for you. Depending on the exchange directions, the system will automatically calculate the confirmation time.

Automatic exchange

Once Robopay system receives your crypto funds, it will convert them automatically into the cryptocurrency you’ve chosen. When the system completes the exchange, the funds will be sent to your Destination address instantly.

Receive your coins

Robopay will automatically calculate the best exchange rate and process the transaction instantly. Cryptocurrency will be sent to your account or previously specified third-party crypto-wallet instantly.

Start Trading Now!

Robopay does not require passwords and emails, and the registration process isn’t complicated.