Reddit released its Ethereum-based cryptocurrency

New tokens will be issued to members of the digital money and Fortnite game forums. Altcoins can be used to exchange, vote and encourage content creators.

The Reddit portal has launched a beta test of two Ethereum-based tokens, writes The Block. The forum participants /r/Cryptocurrency and /r/FortniteBR will be able to get $MOONS and $BRICKS tokens for free. The developers said that this is an experiment in search of opportunities for user interaction.

Forum participants are invited to create a wallet in which you can store your coins, spend them and view the balance. New altcoins are at the full disposal of users, stored locally and cannot be debited without a private key. The platform agreed to take on the function of paying transaction fees until a certain time. But the offer does not apply to users who decide to transfer coins to a third-party wallet.

Smart contracts and mobile apps have been tested and audited by Trail of Bits. The program will be in beta mode until September 2020. Users can use tokens to vote, share and reward content creators.

“During the tests, tokens will be placed on the Rinkeby testnet. After exiting the beta, they will be transferred to the main Ethereum network“, Reddit noted.

Earlier it became known that the new generation of Samsung smartphones will support Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company introduced a processor in the Galaxy S20 series models, which allows storing the first cryptocurrency and tokens of the ERC-20 standard.

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