From thousand pizzas to an apartment. What can you buy now for 1 bitcoin

10 years ago, the first cryptocurrency could be purchased for a penny, but now BTC costs almost 1.5 million rubles. Or, the value of one digital coin can be counted in smartphones and cars.

The bitcoin rate has shown significant growth since the beginning of 2020. At that time, the first cryptocurrency cost about 0.45 million rubles, now - 1.4 million rubles. Since January, BTC has risen in price by 211% against the Russian currency.

However, even 10 years ago, bitcoins could be bought for almost nothing. For example, in 2010, when the cryptocurrency just started trading on exchanges, one coin was sold for less than a cent. It was even more profitable to get BTC by completing simple tasks. For example, at the beginning of the decade, bitcoins were handed out for the introduction of captcha - this was part of a program to popularize digital money. Now, one coin can be exchanged for many useful things, several cars and even an apartment.

For example, for one BTC, an investor can now buy 30 Xbox series X consoles or the same number of Playstation 5 platforms. Also, a coin can be spent on 10 iPhone 12 Pros or 6 MacBook Pro 13 presented in November in the maximum configuration.

Bitcoin can be exchanged for travel, for example, in Japan during the cherry blossom season. One round-trip ticket to Tokyo at the end of March now costs about 45 thousand rubles. By spending one bitcoin, you can secure a trip for a family of 30 people.

An Auto for a bitcoin

One bitcoin can now buy a whole car. And not just one - it all depends on preferences. If you look among foreign cars, you can buy the L200 New model from Mitsubishi with an automatic transmission for exactly BTC. Or one digital coin can be exchanged for 3 Mitsubishi Lancer models.

The option for one bitcoin can be picked up from the manufacturer Renault. For example, the Arkana I and Kaptur I SUVs are standard. One digital coin is enough to buy each of these models, even if its rate drops by 10%.

Fans of the domestic auto industry with one bitcoin can afford a whole car fleet.  One coin can be exchanged for 4 new Lada Granta sedans at once. Another option to spend BTC is to buy 17 Lada model 2107 with low mileage on it.

Apartment for bitcoin

It is extremely difficult to buy an apartment in Moscow for one bitcoin. However, you can find a suitable option in the Moscow region, for example, in Mytishchi, Zvenigorod and other cities near Moscow. For 1.2-1.5 million rubles, you can buy a one-room apartment or a studio in a new building with an area of   23-25   sq. m. For the same money, you can find an option that is ready to move in in the secondary sector.

For one bitcoin and cheaper, you can find a one-room apartment or studio in St. Petersburg. However, there are no such proposals in new buildings. But options in new houses at a price close to one coin are offered in the Leningrad region.

A couple of one-room apartments for one bitcoin can be bought in Chelyabinsk, Grozny and other cities with a low cost per square meter. There, you can also buy a two-room apartment for BTC, but there are few suitable options.

Bitcoin and pizza

The history of bitcoin as a currency began with the purchase of food. In 2010, programmer Laszlo Heinitz traded two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 BTC. At that time, the total cost of these coins was about $25, now it is more than $190 million or 14 billion rubles.

There are many more pizzas you can buy with Bitcoin today than in 2010. Now a large "Margarita" on thin dough in Papa John’s costs 900 rubles. For one BTC, Heinitz could afford to order 1,555 of these pizzas. On the other hand, it is possible that if Heinitz had not given impetus to the spread of new technology with his purchase, the cryptocurrency would not have been so popular.

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