"Now $50K bitcoin doesn't seem incredible": 5 results of 2020

2020 has taken the cryptocurrency industry to a whole new level. Bitcoin, which renewed its historical maximum value, PayPal, which added support for digital money, the long-awaited launch of Ethereum 2.0 and other events, thanks to which the blockchain industry has moved to the next level of development.

About coronavirus:

 “In the spring we saw the beginning of growth in terms of the number of crypto investors. Including people came who had never been to the crypt. At the same time, they invested in tokenized assets, tokenized shares of technology companies, in everything related to online communication, for example, in Zoom.
Surely this was the first impetus for the growth of cryptocurrency. The coronavirus has had a very critical impact on the entire online world. Cryptocurrency is a tool that is not limited regionally, not limited by the amount of investment, so it aroused the interest of people new to this market. Hype, which has been in the past six months, has brought a huge number of users into the world of blockchain technology. This is quite comparable to the 2017 hype."

About the zero phase of Ethereum 2.0:

 “In the next year or two, Ethereum 2.0 will be one of the main topics for discussion. Ethereum is the top 2 in terms of capitalization and one of the most technologically advanced projects in the world. The whole technology is changing so conceptually that the process of migrating and maintaining the new network will take over a year."

About DeFi:

 “If ICO capitalization was considered by the amount of money raised by the project, then in DeFi, on the contrary, the amount of secured money inside smart contracts. In June, the capitalization of DeFi tokens was about $1 billion, and by the end of the year it had risen to $14 billion. DeFi transferred popular financial transactions to smart contracts. The topic is very hype, it develops and gives an acceleration to the overall transition to digitalization."

About PayPal:

 “PayPal, which is a classic money institution, has recognized the cryptocurrency and opened up access to trade. In the coming year, this will give a great impetus to both investment funds and banks, and Visa, Mastercard, perhaps, will think about revising their attitude and strategy regarding cryptocurrencies.
This is great news, because soon they will provide an opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency for services in e-commerce, which is 26 million accounts.  Cryptocurrency can really become a means of payment, and this is a colossal step towards the convergence of the traditional and digital financial worlds."

About the new historical maximum of bitcoin:

 “Now the cost of bitcoin in the region of $50 thousand does not seem like something incredible. When the rate rolled back to $3.8 thousand, talk began that this was another pyramid, a financial bubble, but it was still an investment asset that could not be passed by. We're seeing growth in the industry again.“
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